My story

One spoken "Yes" changed my story, and (no, we're not talking about the wedding here) a spontaneous decision changed everything, and today I'm living my dreams doing what I love - creating.

The hobby of creating jewelry since childhood led me to a jewelry brand that is already 7 years old.

How did this happen?

While living in Budapest, I stumbled upon a small fashion concept store where, after a pleasant conversation with the designer working there, I agreed to show the jewelry I create in my spare time, and to my surprise, I received an offer to join their team as a designer. This offer inspired me to dare and share my passion for creating jewelry with the world. That's how I became the only foreigner and co-founder of a concept store in Budapest and later, up until this day, part of the Hungarian fashion community.

My story

It didn't take long to realize that I had to bring this passion and experience home to my beloved Lithuania.

Today, I am happy to see women worldwide wearing my handmade jewelry and accessories.

My philosophy.

I think jewelry is just details, but I believe life consists of details. I am a creator and lover of sustainable and unique jewelry, and all accessories are created with a lot of love in my heart and my hands, full of experience.

In the press

Magazine "Žmonės"

Lithuania 2022

Magazine Marie Claire

Hungary 2020 January-February

Magazine Nok Lapja

Hungary 2019