Terms & Conditions

This electronic store at www.gintauteval.lt (thence - the store) sells handmade jewelry and other accessories. When placing an order online through the online store, a purchase agreement is defined between the Customer (thence - the Customer) and the Service Provider following the terms of this explanatory document. The customer agrees to the General Terms and Conditions of the Goods Purchase Agreement by placing an order. The service provider has the right to unilaterally change these General Terms and Conditions of the purchase and sale of goods, which take effect after the moment of publication on the www.gintauteval.lt website, and the Customer undertakes to agree to their terms after the first purchase and after their publication.

The purchase agreement enters into charge between Gintutė Valūnė as the Seller and the Client as the Buyer. The product images presented in the online store are created and owned by the Service Provider as intellectual property. The customer agrees that the appearance of the products is considered samples. The Customer agrees that the Service Provider does not assume legal responsibility for possible differences between the sample image and the product itself.

See terms and conditions here.

The service provider undertakes to deliver the goods ordered by the Customer to the address specified by the Customer; or to the post office indicated by the Customer, including the delivery method chosen by the Customer. If the confirmed order cannot be delivered as previously agreed (for example, the product is not available at the agreed time or there are unforeseen problems in production), the Service Provider must inform the Customer by email specified by the customer or phone.

The customer agrees that placing an order constitutes a legally binding offer to purchase. The Customer agrees to the terms of this purchase agreement and by not fulfilling any of the promises specified in the agreement, the Customer assumes responsibility for the breach of the agreement. Delivery costs - depending on the value of the delivered goods and the delivery method are described on the www.gintauteval.lt website. The Customer agrees with the delivery information and prices provided by the Service Provider. The Customer must receive a confirmed delivery of the goods and undertakes to pay the Service Provider the price of the goods and/or delivery costs specified in the order confirmation. After receiving the order, the customer must check whether the delivered goods correspond to the quality and quantity of the goods specified in the terms of the purchase contract. If the Customer does not receive the ordered goods due to his own fault, the Customer has no claims against the supplier of the goods.

The current product purchase and sale agreement comes into charge when purchasing through the www.gintauteval.lt website. The Service Provider assigns an automatic order identification number to each valid order and immediately after placing the order, indicates it in the order confirmation document, which is sent to the e-mail specified by the Customer after the order postal address. Order confirmation occurs immediately, but no later than within 48 working hours. The purchase agreement comes into force after the Service Provider confirms the order by e-mail by post. If the purchase confirmation is not received within 48 working hours, the Customer can contact the sellers of the goods on this website.

If the received product is damaged due to the Service Provider's fault, the Service Provider will replace it free of charge. The Customer must prove the exact time and circumstances of the damage, except in cases where the applicable laws do not stipulate otherwise. If the product cannot be exchanged – it can be returned, and the money will be refunded without shipping costs. Exchange of the purchased product is possible only if the Customer presents the original packaging of the ordered product, and the exchanging product is unworn and undamaged. If products are damaged during delivery, a written assessment of damage claims must be attached, in which the delivery service responsible for delivering the damaged product must acknowledge the damage caused.

In case of any quality complaint, the Customer must immediately inform the Service Provider about it within 14 working days of the purchase through the contacts indicated on this website. The service provider evaluates the received complaint and informs the Customer by e-mail within 30 days by mail or phone about the possible ways to resolve the complaint. The parties undertake to resolve any disputes taking into account the interests of both.

The Customer has the right to cancel the purchase within 24 hours after the purchase. The Customer must notify the intention to cancel the order by emailing gintauteval@gmail.com. If the Customer has already worn the goods (except for trying them on at home), he cannot exercise his right to withdraw from the contract because the goods are not convenient for further sale.

In the case of complaints or the right to withdraw from the contract, the Service Provider checks the products and packaging for possible defects in each case. The Customer also undertakes to return the goods in the original packaging in which he received the goods, including the accessories received. Refunds can only be made for a full refund. After the correct return of the goods, the Service Provider must return the money to the Customer immediately, but no later than within 30 working days from the cancellation of the goods and the receipt of the returned goods. Refunds do not include shipping costs and Return shipping costs. The customer must pay the costs of delivery and return of the goods. If the product is used, Gintautė Valūnė can demand complete compensation for damage or depreciation due to improper use. In the event of legal disagreements, disputes may be resolved in accordance with the procedure established by law.

Gintautė Valūnė reserves the right to minimally change the design of the jewelry sold and the materials used for them, indicating this in the product descriptions. Gintautė Valūnė also reserves the right to change the prices of the goods. After confirming the order, Gintautė Valūnė has the right to change the purchase price of the ordered goods only if a new law (for example, tax law) enters into force between the confirmation of the order and the delivery date specified in the admission. Gintautė Valūnė reserves the right to stop the distribution and sale of any product.