Gift coupon rules

1. A gift card cannot be returned, extended, exchanged or refunded. No other gift cards can be purchased with this card. Gift voucher is valid once.

2. The gift card is valid for 100 days from the date of purchase. When the gift voucher expires, it is automatically blocked, and unused money is not refunded.

3. If the price of the product is higher than that indicated in the Gift Voucher, you can pay for the missing part in cash or by credit card. If the product is selected for a lower amount, the balance is not refunded.

4. If the Gift Voucher is lost or otherwise lost, the money will not be refunded.

5. When you buy a gift card, there is no invoice. When paying for goods in the online store and using a Gift Card, other discounts or discount codes do not apply.

6. Counterfeiting, copying, duplicating, using or acquiring a gift card in any illegal way is strictly prohibited. Those who use gift coupons illegally may be prosecuted.

7. If the gift card is damaged, i.e. i.e. more than half of it is soiled, missing or otherwise damaged, or the Gift Card number or expiration date is not clearly visible, such Gift Card cannot be used, and the card itself is not returned or exchanged.

8. By purchasing a Gift Card, the Buyer confirms that he has read and agrees with the rules for the purchase and use of the Gift Card specified here.

Clauses 1-6 and 8 of these rules also apply to the electronic gift card.